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Duke Leto Atreides - Dune - Aug Toys 1/6 Scale Figure
Duke Leto Atreides - Dune - Aug Toys 1/6 Scale Figure

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Created jointly by Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, directed by the new godfather of science fiction film Denis Villeneuve (director of Arrival and Blade Runner 2049), here comes the legendary Hollywood science fiction blockbuster Dune series.

Based on Frank Herbert's famous science fiction novel, the film stars Timothy Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgard, Zendaya, Chang Chen, Jason Momoah, and Javier Bardem.
As a noble leader, Duke Leto Atreides is devoted to his people and takes care of his family,And as head of the House of Atreide, he is loved by his people for his generosity, integrity and bravery. His mission is to bring peace to the precarious Planet Dune.

Product features of Collectible figure of Dune Duke Leto Atreides at 1:6 scale in <Dune> : According to the body shape and proportions of Duke Leto Atreides in the film “Dune”, AUG TOYS has created a 30cm tall body with over 30 movable joints, perfectly recreating Leto's body shape.

At the same time, the AUG TOYS production team will perfectly recreate the texture, material and line proportions of the combat armor of Atreide family in 1:6 scale; Regarding the head sculpt, it is equipped with a reference to the wax-painted of character Leto acted by Oscar Isaac.

And for the accessories, in addition to the eight interchangeable gloves, the AUG TOYS team has recreated the short sword and shield switch that Leto wielded in the film, and taken the the telescope that appeared in the stills as important accessories. Also, the floor in the shape of the desert of Erracos and the floor with character marks are configured for the players to collect.

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Duke Leto Atreides - Dune - Aug Toys 1/6 Scale Figure

Product List:

- Basic head sculpt

- 30 joint moveable body

- 8 hands that may be replaced, including:

- A pair of ungloved hands

- A pair of hands with objects

- A pair of gloved hands clinched

- A pair of gloved, half-fisted hands


- A dark one-piece battle outfit

- A set of House Atreides combat armor in a dark hue with an aged look

- A pair of scuffed black ankle boots


- Weapon equipped with an armor device

- Short knife

- Protective switch

- Telescope

- Specially designed platform and character nameplate in Eracos desert style

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