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Gallery and Service Hours

We are open late to accommodate after-work and after-dinner visits!

Tuesday: 12 noon to 7 pm
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Timewalker Toys Overland Park Showroom

What is Timewalker Toys?

Timewalker Toys & Collectibles is an independent retailer that specializes in high-definition one-sixth scale collectible figures. We ship internationally through our website, TimewalkerToys.com from our showroom in Overland Park, Kansas. Timewalker was founded in 2003 by Steven and Margaret Allen.

We understand the challenges of long-term collecting in the one-sixth hobby, so we developed a program of pre-order discounts, free shipping options, billing alerts, bundling and other value-added services help collectors manage their hobby. We box almost all standard figures for shipping.

In our brick-and-mortar store, collectors and non-collectors alike can browse and enjoy some of the most sought-after figures and statues. The gallery is packed with military, historical, movie and comic 1/6 figures, vehicles, accessories, and a growing inventory of statues, busts and other collectibles.

Our design and development division, Timewalker Enterprises, Inc., developed 1/6 scale Imperial German Infantryman, which was widely lauded for its attention to detail and historical accuracy, in partnership with the National World War I Museum in Kansas City and L.A. CalTek International. This figure is no longer available, but we hope to return to development in the near future.

Why 1/6 scale?

One-sixth scale is the perfect scale for capturing detail and accuracy in collectible figures. Our figures are small enough to be collected in quantity, but large enough to allow for real wood, metal and leather parts, electronic enhancements, perceptibly fine detail, and unmatched realism in sculpt and texture.

What do we care about?

  • We believe that 1/6 scale has the ability to achieve unsurpassed realism and expression in collectible figures, and we champion and promote products that meet those standards.

  • We believe that 1/6 scale collecting should be accessible to all, and balance our pricing and payment plan options, shipping program and customer services to make collecting simple and fun.

  • We believe that the 1/6 scale market is forever changing, and endeavor to carry and support the latest product lines in all areas of interest.

  • We believe that customers buying online are deserving of the highest standard of customer care. A relationship built on mutual respect makes collecting easier for you, keeps our costs down, and is healthier for the hobby as a whole.

What can you expect?

You can expect highest standard in customer care. Our customers are our top priority. When you call during business hours, you will probably talk to Steve or to Nathen. We respond to emails during regular business hours, and occasionally outside of that. On heavy shipping days response time may be slowed, but we will return your inquiry as soon as possible.