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Cheyenne Dropship XL - Alien - Eaglemoss Model
Cheyenne Dropship XL - Alien - Eaglemoss Model


Cheyenne Dropship XL - Alien

Better known as the Cheyenne, the UD-4 Utility Dropship is the signature tactical transport of the United States Colonial Marines a space-capable gunship designed to quickly deploy troops from orbit. Stationed aboard a larger spacecraft, the Cheyenne can rapidly relay troops, supplies, and heavy equipment up to and including an armored personnel carrier to any point on the planetary surface, with VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) allowing it to handle even rough terrain.

The Cheyenne saw use in the doomed expedition to LV-426, ferrying Ripley, Burke, and a squad of Marines down to the ill-fated colony. These dropships were ultimately Ripley's lifeline off the infested planet, but they also proved worryingly susceptible to infiltration as the Xenomorph Queen stowed away on the landing gear...

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Cheyenne Dropship XL - Alien - Eaglemoss Model

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