New Star Trek 1/6 scale figure line announced.

EXO-6 brings Star Trek back to the 1/6 scale universe!

Many of you know Schubert Tam (a.k.a Nanjin) as the 1/6 scale designer who helped launch the well received, high-definition line of figures for Star Trek: The Original Series. Mr. Tam and partners, with licensing approval from ViacomCBS, have now formed a new company, EXO-6, the expressed purpose of which is to bring the rich and varied world of Star Trek to the 1/6th scale universe. In a recent conversation between Timewalker and Mr. Tam, we learned a great deal about the new organization and their plans for the future. Most importantly, it is clear that EXO-6, in coordination with ViacomCBS, will have maximum control over creative content, and is well positioned to bring a multitude of high-quality Star Trek projects to the collector market in a timely manner.

EXO-6's first release will be Lt. Commander Data as seen in The Next Generation film Star Trek: First Contact, which we are delighted to announce will soon be available for pre-order from Timewalker Toys & Collectibles! Please check back soon for details.

We are also authorized to tell you that other characters from First Contact and other Star Trek movies and TV shows will be announced this year!

In the meantime, here are some preliminary photos EXO-6's Data from Star Trek: First Contact below.

PREORDER Lt. Commander Data