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Smilodon and Dire Wolf Twin Pack Set - Wonders of the Wild - Star Ace Statue
Smilodon and Dire Wolf Twin Pack Set - Wonders of the Wild - Star Ace Statue

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Introducing the awe-inspiring Smilodon & Dire Wolf Twin Pack Set Polyresin Statues from the acclaimed Wonders of the Wild series by Star Ace. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Pre-historic Americas with these meticulously crafted masterpiece that pays homage to the mighty Smilodon and Dire Wolf, true icons of ancient times.

Sculpted by famed Pre-Historic creature expert Sean Cooper, these finely detailed statues capture the essence of these majestic creatures in stunning realism. Every intricate feature, from their sharp fangs to powerful limbs, has been expertly sculpted to recreate the awe-inspiring presence of the Smilodon & Dire Wolf that once roamed the lands over 10,000 years ago.

The Smilodon, measuring over 2.6 meters in length and weighing a staggering 200 kg, and the Dire Wolf, spanning over 1.8 meters in length and weighing a substantial 70 kg, are brought to life in these exquisite pieces, showcasing the immense power and beauty of these ancient predators.

Whether you're a paleontology enthusiast, a collector of fine art, or simply captivated by the wonders of the natural world, these statues are a must-have addition to your collection.

These pieces measure an impressive 28 cm in length and are displayed perched upon a meticulously crafted base of weathered rock. These lifelike portrayals are more than just a statue it's a journey back in time, a window into an era when these apex predators reigned supreme.

Indulge in the marvels of history with these Smilodon & Dire Wold Polyresin Statues from the Wonders of the Wild series by Star Ace. Display them proudly in your home, office, or study, and let the spirits of the prehistoric Americas roam free once again. Unearth the past and celebrate the magnificence of the Smilodon & Dire Wolf true embodiments of strength, elegance, and the enduring spirits of the wild.

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Smilodon and Dire Wolf Twin Pack Set - Wonders of the Wild - Star Ace Statue

Box Size:

Height: 8.07" (204.98 mm)
Width: 9.25" (234.95 mm)
Length: 14.37" (365 mm)

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